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The Laughing Buddha Sangha - Santa Monica 
encourages a Maverick Spirited Inner-Quest through 
a "Mindfulness-Awakening" Meditation Practice – 
that Nourishes an Iconoclast Intelligence and 

a Big Good-Hearted Mind – 
eventually 'me' discovering my own 'Buddha-Nature' –  
Awakening the Compassionate Healing Awareness
a Wise Empathy Naturally Deep Within Us All.


 'Theravada' ~ the original, earliest 'Path of The Elders' –  
is a Buddhist South Asia & Sri Lanka Lineage-based Practice 
of traditional Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation – alongside 
a skillful, eclectic-mix of  other world-wide Buddhist teachings.

Beginners Very Welcome !
Our Only Open ONGOING Series
 7:30-9:30 pm 

Other Time-slots: week-days/eves by appointment. 

Any TUESDAY – Coming for the First Time ? 
Please RSVP Ahead by Phone or Email !  Thanks... 
Space gets limited. 
310-450-2268  AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com  By Donation

AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com ~ 310-450-2268
The Laughing Buddha Sangha
2046 14th Street, UNIT # 4 
Santa Monica, CA 90405
10 Fwy West -- to 26th Street / Cloverfield Exit -
top of ramp go Left - go down Pico towards beach.
At 14th Street - just past Santa Monica College,
turn Left onto 14th Street (going South of Pico
only about 1/2 block near Bay Street & YWCA.
2032-2046 is a long white building complex 
on west side of street - across from 14th St. YWCA
Unit # 4 is on LEFT side of courtyard.

'Our Suffering' the 'Impermanence' & 'Not-Self' of it All – 
is at the very Basic Core of Buddhist Philosophy – in that...

"All Our Suffering in Life is from our 
Mental-Attachments that Continually Mistake
the 'Impermanent' as being Permanent."

" You are more attached to your 'desire-thoughts' themselves -
- than you are attached to the actual 'object' of desire itself. 
" What is 'accepted' by the majority of people -
does not mean it is Real."

~ Gautama the Buddha, 500 BC India